Make your life, don’t limit it!

Sometimes when you surround yourself with negative people it can and will impact yourself. It retrains you to look at things in a different light. It can cause you to build up walls to protect yourself. It sets you up so that if anything goes wrong, you have already expected it and protected yourself. That’s a win right? You are protecting yourself. Looking at the “truth”? Well actually, you may have done more harm than good. Here is the real truth.

You are worried about something coming up and you assume it isn’t going to work out, that way in the off chance it doesn’t work, you have prepared yourself. This assumption could be based on past experiences or it could be based on learned behaviors from the company you keep. You start to think about all the reasons it won’t work. Tons of them and before you know it you have an entire list of reasons you can’t do it. You have already failed yourself and what you were trying to do by not giving it a chance. Now, even if you do give it a chance you probably won’t try hard because you are expecting yourself to fail. This is how you limit yourself. How you limit your success in life.  When you chose not to do something based on the off chance of things not going right, you can ruin life experiences. Trips, memories, life lessons. You have to stop holding your fate in your own hands. You are trying to exercise control with the truth is, you aren’t in control. God is. This false sense of control is really self-limitation. Don’t limit yourself.

In reality, you are strong. You can handle it. You are smart enough, you have worked hard enough and you have deserve it. You are the best You. You are happy, you are funny, and you are a good friend. You are an excellent role model, a dependable person, and strong willed. You are important, you are beautiful. You are all of these things to yourself.

Please don’t limit yourself. God has spent all this time removing your limits. Life is ahead of you. There are memories and lesson ahead that are so crucial. There are friendships and experiences just waiting for you to leap.

I will leave you with this one thought. When I was just 17 I had to make an incredibly hard life decision. One that would set the course for my entire life. At just 17 I had to choose between staying home in the comfort of my family, where I was safe or moving 4 states away to live with my best friend and his family. My dad warned me that if I wanted to move I would need all of my own money and if it didn’t work out I would have to figure out my own way home. I had only $700.00 for a plane ticket and my cell phone. I was moving to nothing else. I had nothing else. I was a mess over this. Why would I leave somewhere that I was safe and it required no effort?  Moving meant not going back home. It was an all or nothing move. What if we didn’t get along? I kept turning it in my head. I remember I kept asking my parents to reassure me, to tell me what to do. All they would tell me is I had to make the decision myself. I was so confused and time was running out. Here I am, just turned 18 and my parents won’t help me. I knew this was going to be a now or never and I knew if I did this, it would be no turning back. I found every reason and every what-if you could think of. Do you know what I did?

I   m o v e d

I moved. I did it because the thought of letting all of my self-doubt and all sense of control go was freeing. In reality I wasn’t in control. God was. This was the biggest, hardest, scariest and most amazing decision I had ever made. You want to know what else? I married him. I get it now. I get why my parents wouldn’t make the decision  for me or tell me what I wanted to hear. I needed to make this decision on my own. I need to get the confidence it gave me. Had they made it for me I would praising them. Not myself right now. All I think about now a days is how blessed I am. Where would I be if I had not moved? I really can’t say but I think I can take a good guess and it’s definitely not where God planned for me to be.


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28


-There is beauty in life


Dealing Disney In The New Season


Wicked excited to go to Disney World this weekend! Honestly I have been in a couple months. It makes me really sad. Disney is my happy place! My husband and I really bond over Disney time. It like a kid in a candy store, a football fan at the Super bowl or an Actor at the Grammys! Catch my drift?! It has been so absolutely hot here and summer is just coming to an end. IF there are two things I can say I don’t love about Disney during the summer is the heat and the tourist. Next to Christmas, summer really is the busiest time of year. The nice part about school starting up soon is will be super dead during the week. We live so close that usually its worth more to us to go after work on a week day than a full day on the weekend. This is the last weekend before the last groups of students go back but we can’t stay away any longer. My two favorite things are Fall/Winter and Disney. When you combined them it makes for an epic season. There are a few reasons other than crowd control that I love fall. 

There are some important festivities coming up soon. Food and Wine festival starts in September and ends in November. Both the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas are also to come. Both of those events are a hard ticket event which means you cannot access these events with general admission. They both come with some very unique festivities. Each have a special holiday themed Fireworks and parades. My favorite part of the holiday parties are the special character meets! Santa, Jack Skeleton and many others!


There will also be the pre-taping of the Disney Christmas Day Parade in December. You can get all dressed up and watch the performance on the stage the and the Main Street Parade. A very awesome, very hard to make event. There is limited space which requires you to be there very early. I have not gone but I fully intend to make it this year. You are always encouraged to dress up in Christmas attire. This event is included in the general admission but again space is very limited! Look for me on TV Christmas day!



The last and best way to wrap up the year is at the New Year’s Eve general admission party. They give out hats and blow horns. The best part of that night is the fireworks. I have never seen such an amazing display of fireworks! The evening starts with a party in front of Cinderella’s castle with a live DJ! You will dance all night and get exciting news. Last year throughout the night the showed never before seen sneak peaks of the new Movie Cinderella. Lots of standing and a very tight packed crowd but the fireworks are well worth it! As they count down the seconds to the New Year there will be a 360 display! Im my opinion, best time to ever be at Disney World. 

There is beauty in life

100 Happy Reasons To Love Fall and Winter

Okay ya’ll I have lost my marbles. I do this every year! It N E V E R fails. I Allisun Sigman have changed my background theme on my desktop to fall/Halloween. I just really love Halloween-Christmas time. I am that person that can’t wait to put up there tree. Like seriously November 1st…it up! I post the pictures that say __ weeks until Christmas. I stalk Starbucks until the set a release date for Pumpkin Flavored beverages. I think It would easier to just make a list of all the things about Fall and Winter that make me happy. So here you go in no specific order..

100 Things about Fall and Winter that make me happy

  1. Pumpkin Pie
  2. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes
  3. Pumpkin carving
  4. Christmas
  5. Fresh/Real Christmas trees
  6. Cold weather
  7. Brown leaves
  8. Winter coats
  9. Scarfs
  10. UGG Boots
  11. Straight hair
  12. The tree skirt
  13. Wrapping paper
  14. Bows
  15. Leggings
  16. Footie PJs
  17. Family
  18. Turkey
  19. Home meals
  20. Family gatherings
  21. Church
  22. Exchanging gifts
  23. Cookie bake-offs
  24. Heat in the car
  25. Snow
  26. Seeing my breath
  27. Jeans
  28. Leg warmers
  29. Stockings
  30. Candy canes
  31. Halloween candy
  32. Pumpkin buckets
  33. Fall decorations
  34. Winter decorations
  35. My collectable Winter themed small houses and people
  36. Sweaters on dogs
  37. The cold wind on my cheeks
  38. A cold to the touch nose
  39. Presents
  40. Giving thanks
  41. Exchanging cards
  42. Taking Christmas photos
  43. Paid holidays
  44. The ability to drink warm drinks
  45. Leaving the windows open
  46. Walking in the park
  47. Blankets
  48. ABCs 25 days of Christmas
  49. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  50. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
  51. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  52. Egg Nog
  53. Seasonal flavored coffee creamer
  54. Frost on windows
  55. Seat warmers
  56. Decorating the Christmas tree
  57. Living Nativities
  58. The Night Before Christmas book
  59. Driving around to look at lights
  60. Ice Skating
  61. Christmas music
  62. Mickeys Not-SO-Scary Halloween Party
  63. Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party
  64. Parades
  65. Cooking all day with family
  66. Football
  67. Macys Day Parade
  68. Fall themed TV episodes
  69. Dressing up in a costume
  70. Making season themed snacks
  71. The Monster MASH
  72. Shopping for gifts
  73. Christmas eve
  74. Warm cookies and milk
  75. Fireworks
  76. Mickey Mouse Santa hats
  77. Christmas sweaters
  78. End of the year sales
  79. Bath & Body works fall candles
  80. Fall and Winter Hand Sani’s
  81. Good Smells
  82. Pies
  83. Seeing kids meet Santa
  84. Watching our church GROW
  85. Getting toy ads in the mail
  86. Black Friday
  87. Warm hugs
  88. Fire places
  89. The Star on the top of our tree
  90. Icicles
  91. Netflix
  92. Old blankets
  93. Angel Trees
  94. Bells
  95. Red and Green EVERYTING
  96. Longer Nights
  97. The News Channels Santa Tracker
  98. Putting out milk and cookies
  99. My Birthday
  100. Boo Berry and Count Chocula


There is beauty in life

Sorry About The Mess But We Are Learning Here

So I have been super busy! I mean like nonstop, carried over to the next day and the next week, busy! I have to be honest it’s been some good times and some bad. Recently at our church they did a series called Altars Tables & Trees. It was a great series and you can find links to the podcast at This series really touched my husband and he started to talk about setting up a dining room set; somewhere where we can spend time with each other and with God. Okay, before you judge me, I’m not a bad wife. We did have a dining room set up originally but the table was…eeeg..dated. It was an odd shape and his grandparents had given it to us when we got our first place. We used it for a while but finally we pitched it. So we just ate on the couch. If you ever think about pitching your dining room dinner nights, please don’t. I think there is an extreme importance to eating at a dining room table together. So any who, after that message mike mentioned to me that he wanted to get a dining room table again. So I searched high and low for a table and chairs. With some help from friends and some yard sales, I got a table and 5 chairs all of which needed to be restored. So I grabbed some sand paper and stated working. It felt like it took me forever to sand down our entire table! I stained the top a Weathered Grey and I painted the legs white. I had purchased 5 chairs from a garage sale for $30. Three of them matched and the other two were different styles. I kind of like the fact that there are 3 different style chairs; it goes with the style/look I’m going for. It took me F O R E V E R to paint all the chairs white! I mean forever! So a week later and 3 coats of paint PER chair, I finished! I am super excited and it looks great all put together. The memories, conversations and prayer that will take place at this table will make big changes. Changes in relationships, changes in personal aspects and changes in our community. This is somewhere that we can seek God. To mike and I this table is our altar.

I proudly present…Our Dining Room!

There is beauty in life


Forgetful Me Must Haves!

I have an incredibly ridiculous habit of saying I want something for my birthday/ Christmas starting in about, mmm, June and forgetting about it. At least once a week I find something I want, tell mike I want it, and then forget about it because I find something else! I know that sounds like “she must not want it that bad” and that’s not the case. There are just so many awesome things out there that I want!

*Just as an FYI none of this is paid sponsorship*

“How does it feel to want?”

Here are a few things I am super wanting right now.

  1. Best Damn Lip Mask– Nicole Guerriero, my FAVORITE YouTube Vlogger, has launched her own line of beauty products. In all honestly I want all of the products. Rationally, I don’t NEED them. If I had to choose one it would hands down be the Best Damn Lip Mask. It is super hydrating which is great. I am always slathering on Vaseline Lip Therapy which does make my lips smoother but I have to pretty much keep a thin layer on at all times to protect my lips from the environmental aspects like air pollution, dust etc. I don’t use any chap sticks or balms because I find that they dry my lips out weirdly enough. I feel like I can never put enough on to moisturize them and I also feel like they are so waxy that my lips can’t breath.

You can see all of Nicoles Best Damn Beauty products @


  1. I seriously want a good Vlogging camera. Something with a flip screen that allows me to see what is in the shot. I do want to turn this into a vlog at some point but not until I get a better video cameras. If you have any suggestions PLEASE! Comment them below.


  1. Jeans- I want more pairs of jeans! Typically I’m like a 3 pair at a time owner but I just wish I had more of an option. I did have Job before my current one that did not allow me to wear jeans so my inventory became low. Now I can wear jean s 24/7 where I work, not because of my job positon but because of my location and work environment.


  1. I have been really in the mood to use my sewing machine recently and I have always wanted to make a quilt. I don’t know how to make one but I’m really good at teaching myself. I have looked into fabrics and I just really love the fabrics that my local craft stores sell in pre-cut squares. My idea was to learn how and let that turn itself into a tradition. We could hand down the quilts to our children and their children.


  1. Bellami Hair- I LOVE my hair. I do my best (most of the time) to take really good care of it. I use to have very long curly hair in high school but I cut it off for a few years and now I’m working on growing back. Another Nicole suggestion, but she wears Bellami Hair Extension and are gorgeous. She and I have about the same length hair. I’m not sure what exact color, length and style she is wearing right now but I know exactly what I want! I have two favorites and only difference is the length and being so the weight. The first one is Bambina in Chocolate Brown. Its 20 inches and I believe it is 160g. The Second is called Bellissima in Chocolate Brown. This one is 220g (I believe) and is 22 inches. The are 100% real Human hair and just have great quality and great reviews!


You can find these products @


  1. Hot Tools 6in1 Curler- On the Bellami website they have a coupon code for 160.00 off the product. It has a range of different millimeter curling wand attachments. Again the reviews are great! I have been looking for a multi wand curler so that I have a range of options. This would be easier and cheaper than buying several different curling wands.


You can find this product @


  1. I really want a deep pore cleansing brush for my face. I have hesitated to get one because originally I thought they would be a rip off. Can it really make that much of a difference? YouTube is full of reviews on these products. I have mentioned it before but I have large pores and I’m always combating blackheads and acne. At this point I am willing to jump in and make the investment on one! If you use one or have used one please leave me comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry. If you have any comments or have used any of the products before please leave a comment with your thoughts below! Remember to like and subscribe to my blog for updates! Thanks so much and TTYL!

There is beauty in life

What Day Is It? IT’S HUMP DAY!

What Day is it? IT’S HUMP DAY!

It is FINALLY Wednesday. It’s my favorite weekday! Wanna know why?! Because its half way to the weekend and *Drumroll please!* its Small Group Wednesday. Queue circus music! I think I mentioned it before. You know, that little slice of goodness wedged in the middle of my week. I am super excited because I just started going to this particular group and I love it. Sometimes when you join a new group, move to a new city or start a new school, it can be a bit u n e a s y.


…What if they don’t like me, what if I don’t fit in, what if they think my thoughts are stupid, what if they judge me, what they don’t want to include me…


It can be intimidating! When I walked in last week I saw a handful of people I had seen before and few people I actually knew or knew of. Let me back up. I had waited all week for Wednesday because I was excited to meet new people. I made 3 batches of cookie (Peanut butter chocolate chip, sugar and regular chocolate chip). I specifically baked them instead of buying them because I wanted to show that I cared! I walked in with my still warm cookies and took a seat in the corner-ish; it wasn’t really a full corner it was at a counter top. I smiled and looked around at all the people there. All so warm and inviting. My stomach started to turn..


Should I say something to someone, anyone? Should I announce my presence? Should I offer cookies? Oh no, I don’t want to be that awkward girl that just sits in the corner..


Before I could continue my thought several people came up to me, they started introducing themselves and asking me about week as if we have chatted last week. The nerves were gone. Typically that’s not my style. I am very outspoken and I have a super large personality. I guess because I was just so excited to meet these new people and create friendships, worries started in. See these people don’t know me yet. They may not recognize me in public after just one meeting. But these people are important to me! They are my Wednesday; they are my motivation on Monday and my thrill on Tuesday. These people don’t know it yet, but they are going to be my friend and I am going to be there’s! I can’t wait!


There is beauty in life

A Woman On A Mission


So I have felt this calling this year and it is lighting a fire in my heart. I had originally planned to go on a missions trip earlier this year but a lot of things didn’t go through between money, scheduling and the trip was ultimately cancelled. I felt really discouraged and felt like maybe this is God saying this isn’t for you. So when another opportunity came up, I let the meeting come and go and didn’t participate. Still thinking, clearly after last time, it’s not for me. Well I spent some time with a friend recently who talked to me about another Mission trip that her family was leading. I felt discouraged and kind of explained that last time is didn’t go so well and that I found it hard to raise the money. She gave me some encouragement and told about some of the great things God is doing to help other make it on the mission trip. She said “if you are meant to go, God will make it happen”. What a beautiful thought. I have been so wrapped up in failing to raise the money that I never even left it in Gods plans. I grounded myself before I even made it of the ground. There are currently two mission trips available. One is for Honduras and the other is for Nicaragua. I’m gathering the information now and I’m really excited to see where God wants me to go! I will keep you all informed and ANY helping on fund for the mission trip would be great. And all fund raising ideas are welcome! Needless to say I am overjoyed that I have such encouraging friends and such a supportive church.

There is beauty in life